Our brand new flavoured oat mylks teamed up with THE BADDEST cookies in town. Who doesn’t love cookies & mylk? Mix and match your faves for the ultimate plant based treat box! Each box contains 1 MYLK and 6 Cookies/4 Cookie Bars.


  • All our products are 100% plant based and therefore do not contain any animal derived products including eggs, dairy, gelatin, honey or any other animal products.


    This product does not contains nuts. Though we take all the necessary precautions to avoid cross contamination, we cannot guarantee against air born contamination. 


    Our mylks are completely gluten free, though we take the all necessary precautions to avoid any cross contamination, we cannot guarantee against air born contamination so please bear this in mind before ordering. The majority of our treats are NOT gluten free although a selection can be made so upon request. 


    This product contains soy. We use soy milk as a dairy alternative in most of our products although this can be substituted in the case of an allergy. Please contact us directly if you wish to place an order but have a soy allergy.